Things I have found to be helpful.

As we prepare for IVF, here’s what has helped me:

♥This website:

This is not my clinic, but their “What to expect” article is really well done and answers a lot of questions! Check it out or share it with friends & family who might be asking “what exactly happens…?!”.

♥This website:

Also not my clinic, so this description isn’t 100% our process. I really love the tone of their descriptions, though, and the list of medications. The graph does a great job of breaking down the potential medications, their names, what they’re used for. There’s no such thing as being over-informed during the process of IVF! This science thing BLOWS MY MIND.

♥ Exercise…we’ve been hitting the gym four times a week to keep energy up and stress down (and we bond because my husband is like my gym paparazzi…taking pictures like I’ve never lifted a weight before. That’s kind of true). That being said though, don’t be too hard on yourself if you take a planned-gym-night off to go enjoy a glass of wine with your friends or take a long walk in the beautiful sunshine. You deserve it!!

♥ Writing…whether it’s in a journal to yourself, in a blog, or to your friends. Everyone has mixed opinions on how open you should be in your fertility journey, so pick your level of openness, and get it out there! It will help.

♥ Amazon subscribe and save options! I have used this for my DHEA, CoQ10, and pre-natal orders.

♥ Sleepytime tea…I used to wine down….whoops I mean WIND down every night with wine. Trying to prime myself to be the best baby host I’ve cut back on the alcohol (I’ve had a couple of glasses a month…and I ain’t made about it!). So at night, I have some sleepytime tea to take place of that. I also really love Tension Tamer…mmmm, so so good!

♥Podcasts! As we get further into this process, I find that there are no real distractions. There is always something to think about during the IVF journey. So in my car and on quiet days in the office, I crank up a Podcast! Listening to other people talk about the world, their problems, and really stupid stuff helps to remind you “there are things other than infertility happening around me”. Some of my favorites: Serial, S-Town, Rabbits, The Ladygang, Off the Vine.


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