What I Did Differently for my BFP. 9.12.17

A whole lot, but also not much at all? As I’ve pushed through each step of round two of IVF, I’ve searched, and googled, and poked through the questions of other IVF patients on forums. All of us are looking for someone to tell us what to do, how to feel- prove to us that we’re not crazy. My husband thinks my obsessive internet searching is bad, but when you’re feeling so many different emotional and physical sensations, it helps you to realize you’re not alone. So I thought I’d put together a list of the things that led me to this first big fat (just barely) positive.

  1. Acupuncture– this is definitely the biggest and most expensive difference, but I feel like it really paid off. The downside is it’s an additional $75 a week. Fertility treatments are SO expensive, so this can seem unattractive to many people, but I truly believe in it. I am an easily stressed out person and acupuncture has helped to relieve so much of that. With each new needle poke, I visualize my daily frustrations and struggles fizzling out from underneath my skin. I also felt instant relief from Lupron headaches and first trimester nausea. Find an acupuncturist that focuses on women’s health, and give it a try! There is nothing to lose (it’s literally a 40 minute nap in the middle of a work day…glorious).

I also had a 25 minute acupuncture session prior to the actual transfer and directly after. I felt a strange sense of calm and relaxation walking into the OR. It was a welcomed feeling after a failed first transfer

2. Lying– we didn’t tell most of our close friends and family about the timing of this round. My Mom and my BFF were aware, and that was enough of an outlet for when I felt the need to chat about it to someone other than my husband. Pretending like nothing was going on helped make me feel like there wasn’t anything going on. It made the two week wait go by faster and relieved some of the pressure.

Just be sure that if you’re actually going to LIE, rather than just not share information, that you have a universal lie to share. Thanks Mom and husband for helping me keep up that charade 🙂

3. Fries– I ate fries at the nearest fast food restaurant after our transfer. If you are a chronic Googler of IVF tips and tricks, you see this one all over the place. This is just an infertility-world myth, but it’s easily one I can get with! Something about the sodium, yada yada, embryo sticks. They were the best fries I’ve ever had…

4. Socks– I wore socks into my transfer. Another myth/tradition! Warm feet = warm uterus according to some.

I do feel like this has some stock to it since my acupuncturist always wants me eating and drinking warm things to keep up my blood flow. She has also asked me to keep socks on around the house as the weather cools down. Go for it! Couldn’t be an easier one.

5. Alcohol– okay technically I had the alcohol the night before the transfer, but some websites and opinions out there tell you to treat your body as if you were pregnant during your prep time as well. Literally the night before my transfer, I was getting a nice buzz off of local sour beers. And it was wonderful!

You will get pregnant if your embryo and your uterus are ready to get you pregnant. Relaxing with drinks and friends the night before IS NOT GOING TO RUIN YOUR TRANSFER. Celebrate this big milestone.

To hit on the other IVF myths- I didn’t eat pineapple core (disgusting), I didn’t drink pomegranate juice, I didn’t meditate, I didn’t sit with one arm in the air and one leg tucked under my chin…okay, that’s an exaggeration…but I didn’t go hardcore and I still got pregnant. I’m barely pregnant, I still feel strange saying I’m pregnant, but it did work.

For specifics, this was a 5-day FET with donor eggs and frozen sperm and a somewhat dedicated but somewhat still cynical mother-to-be….it can be done.



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