Chocolate chip cookies + birthday cake. 4.13.17

Okay one is in reference to my ovaries and one is something I actually ate…GUESSES?!

Birthday Cake

YOU GOT IT! I am officially 28 years old as of yesterday. I’d tell you my birthday wishes, but then they wouldn’t come true…but I feel pretty confident that you can fill in the blank.

I have a confession to make: it was a hard birthday. Yesterday was an emotional one for me, but all of these wonderful things kept happening! My husband is amazing and keeps my spirits up, but yesterday, it was so hard to laugh. My Dad sent me beautiful flowers, my in-laws brought me flowers, my friends and family sent me gifts and cards….I still couldn’t shake the sadness. We went to dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant that’s in an old chapel. It was delicious and beautiful and I indulged in some prosecco…I mean, how much could alcohol hurt my lazy-not-egg-making-ovaries now? I digress.

I think part of the sadness stemmed from the butt shot (aka the “trigger shot” in the fertility world) that I was about to receive:

Butt Shot

Nothing like taking it in your butt on your birthday.

This was my first intramuscular shot. So my glorious Aunt (a nurse in her working days) did this for me at 8:30pm sharp. I DIDN’T FEEL A THING. The anticipation was killer, but the shot was easy. I laid down on my stomach, I do think that helped. I also iced my butt prior. I laid on a “pit pat” *said in true southern roots accent*, or a cherry pit-pack that you warm up in the microwave, I think that kept the tenderness and soreness away today. IT’S DONE. EGGS TRIGGERED. 10,000mls of hCG (Novarel, for TTC fertility peeps). Ovulate away left ovary…see you never right side, lazy, no-good ovary.

Once the shot was done, I ate some amazing cake and visited with my Mom and Stepdad. They brought beautiful gifts and I was finally in a genuinely good mood. Happiness is hard at this point in the process, but check in with the good things that happen every day, and those fleeting moments of a good mood will make it all better.

My birthday did symbolize one huge thing, last day of shots!

Shots Done

The final pile minus the butt shot and one lonely syringe still hanging out in my car from the fun Starbucks-parking-lot-shot I took last week!

Egg retrieval is tomorrow. To break it down, we’re hoping for two mature eggs. TWO. EGGS. My right ovary is a ghost town (literally no action, no one knows why) and my left ovary has two large follicles (21mm and 24mm) and 3-5 smaller resting follicles. For infertility newbs, follicles prime the eggs and pop them out during ovulation. These should reach at least 20mm before egg retrieval to produce a mature egg. The resting follicles will be aspirated for eggs, but those eggs will most likely not make it to fertilization.

For typical IVF patients, the goal is to have  your ovaries look like a chocolate chip cookie. It should be full of black spots, which are the follicles growing to pop many, many eggs. Most doctors want upwards of 20 eggs at retrieval, as they tend to fall away throughout the process. My ovary is like the half eaten, dud of a lonely chocolate chip cookie at the bottom of the container. I’m hoping that it’ll at least have the two best, biggest, healthiest chocolate chips!

So off I go to pace and attempt relaxation as we await this HUGE next step. The retrieval is happening tomorrow at 8:30am, about an hour away. I cannot eat or drink after midnight tonight. No makeup, perfume, or hair products tomorrow…I’ll be the walking infertile zombie.






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