Headaches + bad moods. 4.5.17

….that about sums it up!


Last night marked day 5 of this routine, also my HALFWAY mark of shots! That was an exciting hump to cross. 40 units of Lupron every day (to control premature ovulation), 30 units of low dose hCG every day (the pregnancy hormone, to help my eggs mature), and just bumped up from 400 to 450 units of Gonal-F every day (to help pop more eggs).

This torture = headaches, lots of emotions, a pinchy stomach. I say torture lightly, because it is worth it. It’s not like I would choose to not do this…ever. I would take shots every day if it meant baby Early’s would just keep poppin’ out of me.


But this is a struggle. As simple as that. I’m proud of myself and impressed with myself…but I’m tired, grumpy, struggling to focus, I’m ready for the end result. I’m guessing my super amazing, very supportive, awesome husband is too…:)

Let’s keep on keepin’ on.



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