April, always. 4.3.17.

April has always been so significant for us.

First and foremost…I was born in April! I think 4/12 is such a happy date. I love birthdays, it’s my birthday, but it just looks good! 4 and 12…4+12…4/12…4.12…such a pretty date! April means spring weather. Showers, green grass, flowers blooming, the cherry trees and Bradford pear trees…I’m instantly happier in April.

We got married April 26, 2013. We bought our first house in April of 2015. And now, we’re making a baby in April of 2017. None of these things were initially planned that way. They just happened. Everything came together perfectly to make April a happy, happy month.House 1

This was when we first laid eyes on our soon to be first home. I said it then that April was my favorite month and that it seems to get better every year…how that’s still true!

House 2

Our sweet front porch after we moved in. Where our dogs let the whole neighborhood know that DON’T WORRY EVERYONE, WE’VE GOT THIS PLACE UNDER CONTROL!

I am so hopeful that this April brings more great news. I won’t hate April if it doesn’t happen. But April will always be significant…



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