Just call me Lil Jon. 3.30.17


That was me yesterday. Trying to pump myself up. My $5,810 worth of drugs came in on Tuesday and I started two shots a day yesterday. Here’s the loot:IVF drugs

This is everything I’m supposed to need up to our actual embryo transfer. There’s one giant needle in there for the pre-retrieval “trigger” shot….BAH…I won’t pay attention to that one yet 🙂

I am doing micro dose Lupron (this drug prevents premature ovulation) twice a day for two days, and then tomorrow evening I start adding in shots of Gonal-f (this one stimulates your ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs) and hCG (this one helps my eggs to mature). I also add on an antibiotic to help reduce any chance of infection throughout this process.

But back to the night before shot day 1. I had a panic attack. I was watching the instructional videos, reading all of the paper work, stumbled upon some other blogs…I was so overwhelmed! I had yet to really cry about this whole process, so the reality of starting the drugs set in. Poor Dawson, he followed me to the shower and stayed in the bathroom the whole time, making sure I was okay. Then he sent me the sweetest words of encouragement the morning of shot #1. These shots have to be 12 hours apart, so we figured the most convenient timing was 9am and 9pm. That way, with the evening events we have going on, we won’t have to rush home.

SO, I MADE THE SHOT MY BITCH (whoops, sorry). I read a few tips about icing it, playing soothing music, yada yada. I found that music actually distracted me. I took deep, slow breaths and I feel like that helped the most. I prepared everything, took a deep breath in, and on my breath out…stuck that baby in. The pain of the needle is very little, a teeny little pinch. I actually disliked pulling the needle out way more! I instantly started itching, so I reached out to my nurse and she suggested using a bit of hydrocortisone cream after the injection. That did the trick! No more discomfort.

The icing….personally, 5 minutes of an ice pack on my stomach was more uncomfortable than 20 seconds of a pinch! Also, when I did the icing last night, I bled from the shot and was left with this war wound:

Day 1 Bruise

Ok, it looks worse in person, but that big bruise compared to the teeny size of the needle poke…woah! I’m not sure if icing and bleeding are related, but I don’t think I’ll be icing anymore. I will save that for the intramuscular shot coming along later…

All in all, I’m impressed with myself. You CAN give yourself the shots! Sit down while you do it. Breathe slowly. Keep it quiet around you. It’ll go quick 🙂 I think being in control of the shot process also helps. Waiting on someone else to prep it and shove it into me would only add to the anxiety.

Of course, ask me again tomorrow night after I’ve done three in a row….






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