Check lists are the best lists. 3.27.17

I feel like we should hashtag that…should we hashtag that?! #checklistsarethebestlists

IVF orientation is done, procedure and meds have all been paid for (go visit my “Our Real Cost of IVF” to read a little more about preparations for that), and my uterus is beautiful! Those were the final ticks to our “IVF go date” checklist!

Our meds arrive tomorrow and I start my 12 days of injections on Wednesday. The good new is, no more birth controooool! The bad news is, shots. I’m thinking I’m going to go with the “hold ice to your belly for a minute before injecting” method so that I’m good and numb before the first stick. I don’t hate shots, but I have fainted a time or two, so the idea of giving them to myself is a bit overwhelming.

The first two days of shots are a morning and night injection of Lupron to stop my body from trying to ovulate. Those have to be timed 12 hours apart, which makes me a little anxious, since my schedule is inconsistent and I tend to have lots of evening events. So for 12 days…sorry guys, I’m gonna be a homebody!

Then I start with two more injections at night of Gonal-F and low dose hCG. That’s four a day total. Shew. I will also be taking an antibiotic twice a day to lower the chance of any infections during my retrieval and transfer process.

I love checklists….so here’s what I made:

Shots Calendar

I love crossing things out, ah the sense of accomplishment! So I’m posting this bad boy on my fridge to help me make it through week one of injections. Week two will include some traveling with injections, so that’s a little nerve wracking!

I have to say…we are SO ready to get this started that we feel as though time is moving so slow. But I am so nervous for the unknowns. This is it! This is IVF! I will go back to the doctor on the 4th to monitor how the meds are working. My emotions are up and down, so I just keep telling myself, “This is it. We got this. This is our story”. Ok Dawson’s the one who keeps saying that this is our story and that’s really cute so CREDIT TO HIM.




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