The flying sperm. 3.6.17

Is that a catchy title?! Am I getting this blog thing down?! Are you interested?!

Right now, Dawson’s frozen sperm from Florida are flying back to us! They’ll be delivered to the clinic today where they will await my eggs.

The weirdest thing is they’re five years old…so cool, they’re the sperm of a 22 year old. But they’re the sperm of a 22 year old with cancer, so say all the prayers and cross all of your toes that they’re healthy!

So we’ve made it to this point of establishing a real IVF timeline. Right now, we are waiting on my March period (go figure, I’m two days late on my very-well-tracked period calendar). Once it starts, I start birth control! How backwards is that? Birth control helps the doctor control my egg production, so that they can maximize my eggs for the egg retrieval that’ll happen in a month or so. Also something about how it makes the lining of your uterus thicker, yada yada, baby making.

I’m continually amazed by this process, and am really grateful that it exists for couples like us. Did I ever expect to need to go through it?!…no. But as I tell Dawson each night how nervous I am that it’s not going to work, we’re going to waste our money, we’re going to be so upset and stressed out during the process…and “you have to give me SHOTS”…he says “it’s our story. We would regret it even more if we didn’t do it. If it doesn’t work, we go adopt an Asian kid because it’ll look like me!” (Dawson’s not actually Asian).

So I am really excited to take that first BC pill, go to “orientation” where we hand all of our money away, learn how to take shots, and set our egg retrieval date. Things are getting REAL guys…




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