Making sandwich bags trendy. 3.7.17

I went to visit my BFF this past weekend and her ADORABLE 10 month old. My BFF is the best. She lets me vent, she gives me real advice, she’s hilarious even when she’s not trying, and she makes a damn cute kid. It was a wonderful weekend of being spoiled by her family and holding this babe as much as I could.


She’s excited cause we’re MAKIN’ BABIES.

We made a trip to Marhsall’s, and Jess spied a cute pill box…”Hey! Sara, I’ll get you this and you don’t have to carry around that Ziploc anymore!” She was referring to my supplements I brought along for the trip. This is my new daily intake of supplements:


Whadda we got here:

-75mg of DHEA (not DHA, as I asked my doc). This helps to support balanced hormone levels.

-400mg of CoQ10. CoQ10 is found is every cell of your body. So with IVF, they hope that this will kick up the energy in your cells so that your reproductive system is in high gear. Bonus: it helps protect your heart, brain, and skeletal muscles!

-4 giant, all natural, whole-food prenatals. Gotta have the best! (thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law for this one….side note, she’s been a major support system for this journey! THANK YOU PAIGE!).

-My daily biotin and allergy meds…because I’m balding and seasonal allergies.

It goes without saying, do not take any supplements unless directed by your doctor. I was taking some additional vitamins, but my doctor approved the above list, and everything else will fall by the wayside during this process. I’m pretty sure the DHEA is giving me the bubble guts, but after a few weeks, that has slowed down (just putting it all out there, ya’ll).

And if you can manage to find a super cute pill box at Marshall’s, even better! My horse pills wouldn’t fit, so making the sandwich baggy a new trend.






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